Journal Entry 4

This week was the best week yet. I feel compassionate to Peeta at times, but at others I don’t. I think he is to dependant on Katniss, like a baby almost. In someways I am glad that Katniss found Peeta, but she is putting herself at risk, because she can’t climb a tree for safety, she has to stay on the ground, virtually unprotected, looking after Peeta. When they left the cave on the last morning and found the river bed bone dry, Katniss remembered how it felt to be dehydrated and I got thirsty again. I was scared for what lay ahead of them at the lake, because the gamemakers must be driving them there for a purpose. When the dogs jumped out at them, I almost had a heart attack. Speaking of which, I watched the movie with my friend on the weekend and I swear my heart stopped when they jumped out. Her brother was mean and he turned the lights off (it was late at night) and then later I was too scared to even get out of bed to go to the toilet! This book was great, but I didn’t like the ending because it was almost like it stopped in the middle of a sentence. I am going straight to the library to get the second book in the series, ‘Catching Fire’.

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Text Selector

This week my topic is text selector, so I have to choose parts of the book and say why they stood out for me.


Page Text Why I chose this part
Page 400 “The Mockingjays’ voices rise up in a shrieking cry of alarm. We’re on our feet, Peeta wielding his knife, me poised to shoot, when Cato smashes through the trees and bears down on us. He has no spear. In fact, his hands are empty, yet he runs straight for us. My first arrow hits his chest and inexplicably falls aside’ When Cato was running towards Katniss and Peeta, I was immediately unsure of the situation, because Cato seemed more interested in running than his opponents. I imagined him to have bulging eyes and sweat pouring down his face.
Page 402 – 404 (when Katniss, Peeta and Cato were running from the mutts) This got me thinking about how long I could run for if those mutts were chasing me, if I could even keep in front of them of if they would catch me, and I remembered the taste you get in your mouth after you’ve run a really hard race – it tastes like your throat has been scraped raw and you can taste blood.


Journal Entry 3

I couldn’t believe the way that Glimmer died, it was so sudden and horrible. When Katniss saw the tip of a child’s boot, I felt like Rue was just a helpless toddler. I love the way Rue has her secret remedies, and how she snuggled up to Katniss at night. I admire Foxface, she is so clever and sly. When Katniss blew up the career’s food, and she lost her hearing, I thought about how terrible it would feel to be literally blind from one side – you would feel so vulnerable. When Rue died, I was stunned and my heart was pumping as Katniss heard her scream. I think Katniss did the right thing to cover her with flowers and sung until she died. When Claudius Templesmith announced that both tributes from the same district could win, I didn’t know what to think, because I still didn’t like Peeta that much. I thought Peeta was clever to conceal himself under the mud like he did, and I felt sick when I imagined what his leg would look like. I would have been helpless in Katniss’s position, trying to heal Peeta seemed almost impossible. I will read the rest of the book tonight for sure.


This week my topic is Summariser, and I have to summarise the part of the book that I read this week.

pg 223 – pg 337

Katniss discovered that there was a tracker-jacker nest right above her head, and then she sawed the branch off so that it fell on to the careers and Peeta sleeping beneath her. They all got stung several times, and two of them died. Katniss gets stung by three and has hallucinations for days to come. Peeta saved her life by telling her to run from Cato, and after a few days, Katniss meets Rue and they team up. Together they form a plan to blow up the career’s food, and Katniss discovers that the careers have surrounded their food by mines. She blows them up, but she can no longer hear out of her left ear. Then the third fire they made (to attract the careers away from their camp) has not been lit, and she suspects that Rue is in trouble. She gets to her just in time to see her be killed by a boy from district 1, who Katniss then kills. Later, Claudius Templesmith announces that both tributes from the same district can win this year. She then sets out to find Peeta, who she eventually finds hidden in a mud bank. She tries to fix his leg, and then she starts nursing him back to health. When she finds out that he has blood poisoning, she feels that all hope is lost. Then Claudius Templesmith announces a feast, which gives Katniss the chance to get the medicene she needs to heal Peeta. With the help of Haymitch, she uses sleep syrup on him so she can make her way to the feast without Peeta following.

Random Unanswered Thoughts

I don’t know how big the arena was, and I don’t know how they could see the dead tribute’s faces projected up in the sky, because I haven’t seen the movie. Also, I don’t know how there could be a camera videoing each person at all times, especially when they are in a tree. It would be annoying, you wouldn’t have any privacy to go to the toilet or anything! Oh well, I guess I should watch the movie…

Journal Entry 2

Chapter 8 (Pg 125) – Chapter 14 (Pg 223)

After Katniss shot the arrow into the Gamemaker’s roast pig, I felt her anger and I was worried about what they would do with her. Then when she got the best score, I felt proud of her, because she showed everyone that just because you come from District 12 doesn’t mean you’re useless. When Peeta asked to be trained separately, it completely changed how I thought about him. At first, I thought he was good natured and compassionate, but now he seems very secretive and I’m not sure how to react to anything he says or does. I was annoyed at him for distracting Katniss as the 60 seconds was about to be up, because she missed her chance to get the slingshot. When Katniss was dehydrated, I think that must be the most terrible feeling, to be so thirsty that you can’t even think straight. Her mouth was so dry, it must have felt like eating an unripe banana, then draining all the moister from her mouth….when I was reading this part I got thirsty too, and I had to go and get a drink. I felt sorry for Katniss because while she was dying of thirst, I could just turn on a tap. I can’t wait to read more!


This week my topic is connector, and I have to make connections between something in the book to something in my life or the world around me.

pg.125. – I could connect the part when the gamemakers were ignoring Katniss to many times in my own life, such as when I am trying to ask a question (eg. about a truck that goes past when we are on a road trip – bad example, I know) and someone just keeps talking over me, or making some stupid noise in the background and I end up yelling and saying “Well I’m not saying it now”.

pg. 213 – 215. – When I was little, we had just had a campfire and I fell over and the palm of my hand landed on the spot where the fire had been. We had only put it out about 10 minutes ago, so it was still burning hot, and my palm got a big red blister thing on it. I remember the relief of soaking my hand under cold water.

pg.223. – I can relate this to my life because when I was on holidays, I was going for a run with my sister and she nearly stepped on a snake that was laying in the middle of the path. My dad was waiting for us further along, and we had to yell at him until he came because we were to scared to move and we didn’t know what to do.